Great innovations begin with a single thought.  One spark of inspiration ignites social movements, Top 40 ballads, political agendas, new businesses, New York Times bestsellers, and school curriculum.  Sometimes, it only takes is one person to plant a seed—a seed that takes root and grows into something beautiful, far-reaching, and previously unimaginable.

When the seed was planted to green our nation and our world, it was only a grassroots movement driven by passionate pioneers wishing to stop pollution and protect wildlife to sustain a harmonious balance between man and nature.  Recognizing that every organism’s quality of life hinged on sustainable practices to protect our resources, activists set out to change policies and individual mindsets to accomplish a global mission.  Over the decades, the grassroots movement has infiltrated politics, science, technology, and social forums and has amassed support from people of all walks of life.  No longer dubbed a grassroots movement, the seed for greener living has evolved into something large-scale, respected, and powerful—the environmental movement.

At Target Marketing Group, we respect the power of a seed, and we encourage you to plant seeds for going green in your community.  We can help grow your efforts through these unique promotional tools:                                                                                                                          

  • Plant Start Kits
  • Tree Seedlings
  • Seed Packets
  • Seeded paper products that can be planted after use.  These include bracelets, book marks, paper bags, dollar bill replicas, and more.

Springtime is around the corner, and it’s the ideal time to connect your organization’s message with growth, greatness, and going green.  With Earth Day, neighborhood beautification projects, and spring clean-ups on tap, your company can play a key role in everyone’s fresh start to the new season.  Looking for a creative approach in the marketplace?  Let Target Marketing Group’s creative consultants assist you in aiming your seeded product selections at the most fertile areas of your community to achieve the greatest harvest of awareness, recognition, and patronage.

Witness the power of a single seed by planting pride in your city!                                                                                                        


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Earth Day 2012: A One-Size-Fits-All Celebration

If you’ve ever been a patient in the hospital and issued the standard gown, you know that one size does NOT fit all.  Some patients might feel a cool breeze while another could wrap the unattractive garb around himself multiple times.  When it comes to the environment, however, making every day Earth Day with green choices and eco-friendly daily habits is a one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability that works.

Curbside and event recycling, buying recycled, energy and water conservation, pollution and litter prevention—all of these movements function to keep our planet clean and green.  Whether your participation is great or small, every green choice helps us all!  What can you do this Earth Day to expand your conservation efforts?  Try these ideas on for size:

  • Replace your incandescent bulbs with CFLs
  • Adjust your thermostat to save energy
  • Close the loop more often through buying recycled-content merchandise
  • Take shorter showers
  • Participate in a neighborhood clean-up
  • Start recycling your printer cartridges
  • Practice “reuse” by hosting a garage sale
  • Switch appliances to high-efficiency when they need replaced
  • Hold off on the laundry and dish washing until you have full loads                                                                                                       

When it comes to planning for your green promotions, one size doesn’t fit all like some companies would have you believe.  Target Marketing Group isn’t interested in simply selling merchandise—we’re committed to helping you reach the broadest audience most effectively.  That means we analyze your goals and strategize product selections to fit your marketing targets.  Have you ever seen the Christmas card depicting blind carolers singing at the home for the deaf?  Many green promotional product companies are only interested in the sell—not the customer’s application.  At Target Marketing Group, our customers always come first.  We can be trusted to invest your dollars in ideal product choices that will generate the biggest impact for your business or organization.  After decades of experience in the field, our creative sales staff will offer invaluable insights that will pave the way for meeting your objectives.

Remember, when it comes to celebrating Earth Day, one-size-fits-all when practicing global responsibility.  Planning your green promotions requires a customized approach to “fit” your client base.  Call Target Marketing Group today—the tailor is IN!

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Close The Loop for Earth Day

Imagine writing a classic piece of literature that was never published or inventing a new technology you never patented and shared.  Imagine smelling a delectable symphony of aromas from the kitchen of an elite restaurant without having the chance to nibble a single morsel.  Envision and plan for your ideal, tropical vacation without ever booking the trip.  Picture a Rhodes Scholar capable of a lucrative career but remaining unemployed and impoverished.  What do these scenarios have in common?  Emptiness and unrealized potential.

By visiting you can join millions of others around the globe who have signed a pledge for Earth Day to help the organization reach their goal of a billion acts of green.  It’s easy to click a link and make a pledge to act greener, but it takes intrinsic motivation to change daily habits to make a real, lasting difference.

One way to make a significant impact is to incorporate buying recycled or closing the loop recycling  when making purchases.  Participating in a weekly curbside recycling program is a big step in the right direction, but if you don’t buy items containing those recycled elements, manufacturers retain a stockpile of resources with no marketable outlet.  The result?  Emptiness and unrealized potential.

Why don’t more people opt for recycled-content alternatives rather than products made from virgin materials?  The answer is simple—public misconception.  The Average Joe assumes recycled-content products are inferior in quality and exorbitant in price.  Not true!  Not only are recycled-content products comparable in price, but they are often superior to their raw counterparts.  Manufacturers know the bar is raised to gain acceptance of recycled-content products, and they have risen to meet and exceed the challenge.  You can close the loop with confidence!

This Earth Day, Target Marketing Group offers you a comprehensive line of eco-friendly and recycled-content products that will surpass your expectations for all your promotional needs.  We invite you to make a pledge towards a billion acts of green for Earth Day 2012, but we also encourage you to bridge the gap and complete the circle—close the loop through buying recycled! 

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2012 New Catalog Has Arrived!


 For a woman, new shoes or trendy handbag purchases cause her to bubble with pleasure.  For men, the latest technical gadgetry, a new boat, or a gunsmith masterpiece triggers deep satisfaction.  All of us like to enjoy the latest and greatest, the nouveau over the commonplace, the shiny over the dull.  While Target Marketing Group is in the business of promoting green promotional products—often containing recycled-content materials—our products are anything but old or cliche.

In our industry, green promotional products are brimming with new life.  Our new 2012 Green Promotional Products catalog is fresh off the press, and its crisp pages are bursting with new ideas to promote your business with a captivating, eco-friendly slant.  In the heart of every American is the desire to do the right thing.  While other continents might wag an accusing finger at our Western civilization’s excess, America remains a leader in blazing the trail for waste reduction and sustainable practices.

Are you the type of person who orders the same meal each time you visit your favorite dining establishment, or are you the adventurous type who dares a new savory dish?  Target Marketing Group works to keep you comfortable while helping you broaden your approach to advertising.  By offering you the security of promotional products from times past combined with cutting edge advancements, our creative marketing strategists place you safely at a win-win advantage over the competition.  Our staff does more than sell products with the robot-like tedium of some companies.  We help you craft a campaign and unique approach that will gain the attention of the masses over the flat monotone of your competitors.  When you deal with Target Marketing Group, you purchase more than just products—you acquire new ideas to keep your business in the forefront.

Put Target Marketing Group to work for you and reap the sweet reward of success.  Energize your 2012 promotions with our green products and novel advertising concepts.  Check out our 2012 product catalog and then call us for the inspiration to bring your message to life!                                                                                                                                     

After you review the new catalog be sure to do same with our 2012 Earth Day catalog.


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Paper, Paper and More Paper!

Since 87% of Americans have access to a paper recycling program, there’s no reason to delay your participation any longer!  The paper industry’s goal for 2012 is to recover 60% of all waste paper, and you can play a vital role in helping achieve that goal.  How?  You can start by recycling your paper at home and by being a driving force at implementing a paper recycling program at work or school.

Did you know that the average office employee tosses 350 pounds of paper each year?  Businesses and schools are significant generators of waste paper, and instituting paper recycling programs in these facilities is easier than you might think.  The key to a successful program is to remember that if details are hazy, people will be too lazy!  Your paper recycling program at work and at school must be convenient with simple instructions for everyone to follow.  Consider these helpful tips:

  • Form a Green Team:  Your green team will be responsible for educating employees or students on proper recycling procedures, placing recycling boxes in convenient locations, organizing the collection and hauling of the paper, and tracking the successes of the program.
  • Make Paper Recycling Convenient:  Employees do not want to make long treks to the recycling bin.  If possible, place a paper recycling box next to each employee desk, in the copier room, in the mail room, in school hallways, and any other location where paper will be generated.  When employees can toss paper into a recycling bin as easily as a trash can, they will be more inclined to participate.
  • Arrange Paper Collection:  It irks employees and teachers when recycling bins are overflowing.  Keep recycling areas neat by coordinating frequent collection of the paper and have it stored in a designated area until recycling day.  Typically, the maintenance department takes charge of this aspect of the recycling program. 
  • Find a Hauler:  The size of your business and your central storage area will determine the frequency your paper will need to be collected.  Contact your refuse hauler to see if they offer recycling service as well—most do.  If you are sufficiently staffed and can haul the materials yourself, you can prosper your school or business with the proceeds from the sale of these clean recyclables.
  • Educate Employees and Students:  Instructions should be easy to follow or no one will participate. 
  • Offer Incentives:  Reward employees for achieving recycling goals.  Host free lunches, post the best recyclers on your website, distribute recycled-content promotional awards and merchandise to everyone who participates, etc.
  • Advertise Your Program:  To ensure you don’t start a paper recycling program with a bang and end with a fizzle, maintain momentum by advertising your results.  Keep employees and students informed of their recycling progress, and use the sale of the recyclables to fund employee or student reward programs.  Advertise your recycling program to local medias, and share your results in company or school newsletters.  Keep everyone connected and involved, and your program will thrive!                                                                                                                                                               

When it comes to offering incentives, Target Marketing Group can supply you with all your promotional product needs.  Our comprehensive line of recycled-content items include recycled paper pens, paper bags, awards, seeded paper products (ideal for springtime promotions), and more!  Call us today for ideas to reward employees and students alike who are instrumental in reaching your paper recycling goals!

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