Great innovations begin with a single thought.  One spark of inspiration ignites social movements, Top 40 ballads, political agendas, new businesses, New York Times bestsellers, and school curriculum.  Sometimes, it only takes is one person to plant a seed—a seed that takes root and grows into something beautiful, far-reaching, and previously unimaginable.

When the seed was planted to green our nation and our world, it was only a grassroots movement driven by passionate pioneers wishing to stop pollution and protect wildlife to sustain a harmonious balance between man and nature.  Recognizing that every organism’s quality of life hinged on sustainable practices to protect our resources, activists set out to change policies and individual mindsets to accomplish a global mission.  Over the decades, the grassroots movement has infiltrated politics, science, technology, and social forums and has amassed support from people of all walks of life.  No longer dubbed a grassroots movement, the seed for greener living has evolved into something large-scale, respected, and powerful—the environmental movement.

At Target Marketing Group, we respect the power of a seed, and we encourage you to plant seeds for going green in your community.  We can help grow your efforts through these unique promotional tools:                                                                                                                          

  • Plant Start Kits
  • Tree Seedlings
  • Seed Packets
  • Seeded paper products that can be planted after use.  These include bracelets, book marks, paper bags, dollar bill replicas, and more.

Springtime is around the corner, and it’s the ideal time to connect your organization’s message with growth, greatness, and going green.  With Earth Day, neighborhood beautification projects, and spring clean-ups on tap, your company can play a key role in everyone’s fresh start to the new season.  Looking for a creative approach in the marketplace?  Let Target Marketing Group’s creative consultants assist you in aiming your seeded product selections at the most fertile areas of your community to achieve the greatest harvest of awareness, recognition, and patronage.

Witness the power of a single seed by planting pride in your city!                                                                                                        


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