Close The Loop for Earth Day

Imagine writing a classic piece of literature that was never published or inventing a new technology you never patented and shared.  Imagine smelling a delectable symphony of aromas from the kitchen of an elite restaurant without having the chance to nibble a single morsel.  Envision and plan for your ideal, tropical vacation without ever booking the trip.  Picture a Rhodes Scholar capable of a lucrative career but remaining unemployed and impoverished.  What do these scenarios have in common?  Emptiness and unrealized potential.

By visiting you can join millions of others around the globe who have signed a pledge for Earth Day to help the organization reach their goal of a billion acts of green.  It’s easy to click a link and make a pledge to act greener, but it takes intrinsic motivation to change daily habits to make a real, lasting difference.

One way to make a significant impact is to incorporate buying recycled or closing the loop recycling  when making purchases.  Participating in a weekly curbside recycling program is a big step in the right direction, but if you don’t buy items containing those recycled elements, manufacturers retain a stockpile of resources with no marketable outlet.  The result?  Emptiness and unrealized potential.

Why don’t more people opt for recycled-content alternatives rather than products made from virgin materials?  The answer is simple—public misconception.  The Average Joe assumes recycled-content products are inferior in quality and exorbitant in price.  Not true!  Not only are recycled-content products comparable in price, but they are often superior to their raw counterparts.  Manufacturers know the bar is raised to gain acceptance of recycled-content products, and they have risen to meet and exceed the challenge.  You can close the loop with confidence!

This Earth Day, Target Marketing Group offers you a comprehensive line of eco-friendly and recycled-content products that will surpass your expectations for all your promotional needs.  We invite you to make a pledge towards a billion acts of green for Earth Day 2012, but we also encourage you to bridge the gap and complete the circle—close the loop through buying recycled! 


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