2012 New Catalog Has Arrived!


 For a woman, new shoes or trendy handbag purchases cause her to bubble with pleasure.  For men, the latest technical gadgetry, a new boat, or a gunsmith masterpiece triggers deep satisfaction.  All of us like to enjoy the latest and greatest, the nouveau over the commonplace, the shiny over the dull.  While Target Marketing Group is in the business of promoting green promotional products—often containing recycled-content materials—our products are anything but old or cliche.

In our industry, green promotional products are brimming with new life.  Our new 2012 Green Promotional Products catalog is fresh off the press, and its crisp pages are bursting with new ideas to promote your business with a captivating, eco-friendly slant.  In the heart of every American is the desire to do the right thing.  While other continents might wag an accusing finger at our Western civilization’s excess, America remains a leader in blazing the trail for waste reduction and sustainable practices.

Are you the type of person who orders the same meal each time you visit your favorite dining establishment, or are you the adventurous type who dares a new savory dish?  Target Marketing Group works to keep you comfortable while helping you broaden your approach to advertising.  By offering you the security of promotional products from times past combined with cutting edge advancements, our creative marketing strategists place you safely at a win-win advantage over the competition.  Our staff does more than sell products with the robot-like tedium of some companies.  We help you craft a campaign and unique approach that will gain the attention of the masses over the flat monotone of your competitors.  When you deal with Target Marketing Group, you purchase more than just products—you acquire new ideas to keep your business in the forefront.

Put Target Marketing Group to work for you and reap the sweet reward of success.  Energize your 2012 promotions with our green products and novel advertising concepts.  Check out our 2012 product catalog and then call us for the inspiration to bring your message to life!  http://www.recycledpromos.com/paperless                                                                                                                                     

After you review the new catalog be sure to do same with our 2012 Earth Day catalog.




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