Saving Pays Off!

If you’re a collector, storing mint-condition items through the decades is always a gamble.  Sometimes, patience pays off when you obtain a hefty profit for your treasures through an online auction, flea market, or antique outlet.  In the case of Clean Energy Conversions—a Georgia-based company opening a new facility at the Dalton-Whitfield Solid Waste Authority—patience has paid off as well for a unique purpose.

According to Resource Recycling, Clean Energy Conversions will be producing crude oil from plastics extracted from 400,000 tons of carpet waste that’s been stored since the 1990’s, anticipating it would one day prove valuable.  You can view the short article at  The undertaking is revolutionary.  While plastics have long been recycled into carpet fibers, reversing the process marks a new milestone in resource recovery and global sustainability.

Considering that 4 billion pounds of carpet is discarded annually in the United States, with only 1 percent being recycled, the implications of such an innovative undertaking are vast.  Disposal of carpeting is costly, its bulkiness consumes significant landfill space, and incineration releases toxins into the atmosphere.  Kudos to Clean Energy Conversions for tackling the problem and pioneering new territory for waste reduction and energy conservation practices.

At Target Marketing Group, we also champion responsible advertising practices by offering you a novel platform for your company message that is undergirded by green technology.   This week, we are spotlighting our Recycled Shoelace Keeper.  Since millions of Americans incorporate walking, jogging, or exercising into their daily routines, they are all confronted with the same dilemma:  where can keys or cash be stored while they are on the move?  Made from 100% recycled carpet fiber and plastic, the Recycled Shoelace Keeper contains the essentials and hooks easily to shoelaces, allowing exercise to be a hands-free activity.  In addition to our Recycled Shoelace Keeper, Target Marketing Group offers a diverse catalog of recycled plastic products and other eco-friendly merchandise to enhance your company’s green marketing campaigns.


There’s an old saying, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.  In light of Clean Energy Conversions’ gains in squeezing oil from carpet, maybe we should take another look at those turnips!


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