New Year New Products

The holidays are over, and what is there to look forward to, save for Groundhog Day and the hope that the renewal and rebirth of Spring will soon replace the grey landscape of Winter.  At Target Marketing Group, we have something to be excited about, and you can share in that excitement.  It’s a new year, and for us and our customers, that means a new line of green promotional products will soon be unveiled.  Expect our 2012 catalog to be at the click of your fingertips by mid-February.

Our new product line will feature the latest innovative merchandise to green your school, business, government agency, or non-profit organization.  With a growing national demand for environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional raw products, manufacturers are shifting priorities and processes to meet that demand with green products that are equal or superior to standard lines in quality, functionality, durability, and cost.  If you can think it, we can green it!  Don’t worry—if you don’t like change and have a favorite product from years’ past, we probably still have it too.

Whatever events you are planning for 2012, rest assured we can supply you with the perfect product to convey your message while enhancing your professional image in the community as a company that cares about the environment and proactively engages in sustainable practices.

All these green products leave us giddy, and we can’t wait to share the news.  Watch for sneak peeks of these hot items heading your way in a couple weeks and then expect our new catalog in February.  You’ll have plenty of time to order your materials for all your spring flings.  We hope one of YOUR New Year’s resolutions is to advertise sustainably with green products in 2012.  Target Marketing Group’s 2012 Green Promotional Product Catalog: we never see our shadow and run back into a hole—we see every day as a perfectly green day!


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