Holiday Shopping Season

If you’ve waited til the last minute to start your Christmas shopping, you may be feeling a little frazzled.  Statistically, men tend to procrastinate more than women when it comes to shopping.  After all, if the purchase isn’t a big screen TV, sports or fitness equipment, electronic gadgets, or something with “more power” (to quote Tim Allen from Home Improvement), men aren’t genetically wired for shopping like women and require more motivation.

Despite the joy of the season, desperate shoppers intent on scoring the best deals stampede retailers and steamroll anyone crossing their paths.  If you haven’t settled for one-size-fits-all presents like gift cards or cold, hard cash, you may be engulfed by sheer shopping madness as you dash from one store to the next, armed with the wish lists of all the “Nice” people for whom you are buying the perfect gifts—if any of the items are still in stock!

Unlike Santa who can soar above all the crazy drivers in his magic sleigh and team of reindeer, you must navigate through heavier traffic and annoying delays as safely as possible.  One way to avoid calamity is to shop during the week, since most accidents occur on Saturdays.  Surprisingly, snowy weather is typically a safer time to drive—many people opt to stay indoors while the rest drive more slowly.  Regardless, winter time is no time to be tooling around town on bald tires.  Be sure to check your tread and mileage since your last tire change—you may be overdue for a new set of wheels.   

What happens to your discarded tires?  If you leave them with the tire dealer, you may pay a fee, but your tires will be targeted for recovery.  You may also recycle them through a local tire collection program, or you may choose to dump them at a nearby landfill.  Tossing them in the backyard to be overtaken by springtime weeds is not the wise option, since they attract rodents, mosquitoes, and fires!  According to the EPA, the three primary markets for recycled tires include:

  • Tire derived fuel
  • Civil engineering applications
  • Ground rubber applications/rubberized asphalt

Of the 290 million scrap tires that are generated annually, 233 million find their way back on the market in some form.  At Target Marketing Group, we do our part by offering innovative products made from recycled tires.  Our recycled tire PDA holder fits most cell phones and business cards too.  To view this product, visit  Show the friends and neighbors passing under your front door mistletoe that you care about the environment by providing a recycled welcome mat on which they can wipe their feet before joining your New Year’s Eve party.  See for yourself at

After a stressful day of last minute shopping amid the hustle and bustle, you deserve to warm your toes by a roaring fire as you imbibe on a comforting cup of hot chocolate, a seasonal tea or coffee, or better yet—spiked eggnog!  Eat, drink, and be merry this holiday season, but always remember to buy recycled!


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