Make Every Day America Recycles Day!

Do you only celebrate love on Valentine’s Day? Do you reserve honor for our veterans solely on Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day? Do you wait for Thanksgiving to count your blessings? Is the spirit of Easter and Christmas alive in your heart on those two days alone? Of course not! While we may be more actively expressive on those occasions, the significance and meaning associated with each celebration is woven into the fabric of our daily lives. America Recycles Day is no different.
Celebrated on November 15 each year, America Recycles Day is one day set aside to celebrate recycling in America. It represents one day when we can band together to schedule activities and events in our communities to jump start our friends and neighbors who haven’t already joined the recycling effort. It’s a time to establish and encourage eco-friendly habits that people can practice 365 days a year to make our world a better place.
America Recycles Day is gaining momentum with each passing year as more and more people realize something must be done to reduce waste in America and conserve our depleting resources. While Earth Day continues to capture the most limelight, America Recycles Day is becoming a serious contender. It’s a competition that benefits the environment and all of us who depend upon it!
When planning your green events for 2012, remember to include America Recycles Day in your promotions. Help build the hype all yearlong for an America Recycles Day spectacular—a cumulative celebration of your awareness campaigning! Target Marketing Group can assist you in facilitating your event with America Recycles Day promotional products. Visit our store at
Make Every Day Earth Day has been a maxim so endorsed by green organizations that it has nearly become cliché. If we can empower our friends and neighbors to Make Every Day America Recycles Day, our national framework will have a significant impact on our global community as well. Do your part—incorporate America Recycles Day awareness into your monthly planning and cultivate a public consciousness that makes recycling a pattern for living green.


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