A BIG Thanks to all of Our Veterans!

At 110 years old, Florence Green is the last known living veteran of World War I. According to the Veterans’ Administration, only 1.7 million of the 16 million who served in World War II are still with us. If you’ve ever attended a military funeral, you know how moving the Honor Guard’s 3-volley salute is—the reverence and symbolism associated with the ritual can rouse tears to the eyes of even the most stoic. Wikipedia reports the custom originated from the European dynastic wars, where fighting ceased while the dead and wounded were removed from the field. Three shots were then fired to signal the battle could resume.
This Veteran’s Day, Target Marketing Group offers our sincere thanks to all the veterans, young and old, who have served our great nation. We remember those who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice all that they hold dear—their homes, their families, and even their lives—so that we can enjoy the benefits of a freedom we often take for granted.
With a patriotic spirit, we are proud to offer recycled-content products that are manufactured right here in the USA. With so many jobs and products being outsourced to foreign-based operations, we are pleased to continue offering a wide selection of “homemade” items that are tried and true under our canopy of red, white, and blue! Click the links below to view our Veteran’s Day picks:



In honor of our fallen veterans, we bow our heads. In honor of our veterans who have departed this world at their life’s end, we remember you. In honor of our veterans who continue to protect and serve our beloved country, we salute you. God bless America—the land of the free, and the home of the brave!


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