Be Sure to Recycle at Your Event!

America Recycles Day is November 15. We hope you’ll be recycling at the event you planned! Does the task of collecting recyclables seem daunting? Where do you begin? First, decide what you can feasibly collect. If you will be rooted to one location, like a parking lot or grocery store, contact a recycling hauler to place an industrial container on site. However, if you’re like the majority of participating businesses, organizations, civic groups, and educational facilities, you need containers that dot the entire area your activity is encompassing.
The ClearStream ONE recycling container is the ideal choice. Since bottles and cans are the primary targets for recycling—they are easy to secure in bags, haul to the recycling center, and turn a modest profit—we are offering this portable container at a reduced price for the event. These containers can be placed at football stadiums, schools, fairgrounds, outdoor festivals, or anywhere people gather. Garner support from local sponsors and their information will be featured on the attached billboard of every container they purchase. Visit to learn more.
People are taking the pledge every day to show their support for recycling. Make your commitment by doing the same at!

Go one step farther…plan or host an event:


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