Recycler’s Big Day 11-15-11

America Recycles Day is quickly approaching—November 15 will be here before you know it. If you haven’t already planned a recycling awareness event in your school or community, there’s still time. Need some ideas?
• Coordinate a recycling program at your home football stadium.
The EPA conducts a yearly Game Day Challenge for colleges and universities and awards prizes to the school that diverts the most from the waste stream. Similar programs could be conducted in your middle school or high school and don’t have to be limited to football. Any sporting event that generates waste—beverage containers, paper, cardboard, or food waste—qualifies for a recycling or composting program.
• Establish a recycling collection program in your school or business.
Schools and businesses both generate a significant amount of paper and toner cartridge waste. If you have on-site vending machines, beverage container waste is also an issue. Form a recycling team to coordinate the collection of these materials and educate the school faculty, students, and company employees on the proper procedure for source separating their trash from their recyclable materials. Find a local hauler to transport your recyclables to the recycling center, or do an online search to find companies that will pay your school or business for the materials you collect. Use the funds for important school programs, extra-curricular activities, scholarship programs, or company gatherings and events.
• Host a recycling event at local fall festivals, county fairs, or outdoor entertainment events.
Anytime people gather, waste escalates. Place recycling receptacles at upcoming events in your area and coordinate how these materials will be gathered and transported to the recycling center. To encourage people to choose the recycling container over the trash bin, advertise that anyone caught recycling will be awarded special prizes. Target Marketing Group is the exclusive distributor of America Recycles Day merchandise and can help you select the best items for your recycling drive.
• Set up a display in your local grocery store on November 15.
Everyone needs to eat. Contact the manager of the popular grocer in your area about setting up a booth near the entrance or exit of their store. Give shoppers the chance to win a big-ticket, recycled content-item, such as a plastic lumber picnic table, rocking chair, or piece of playground equipment. Not all consumers are aware of the end-life of their recyclables—seeing is believing. Just for stopping by your booth, provide them with a “goodie bag” of America Recycles Day promos along with information on recycling programs available in your area.
You might be scratching your head and wondering how you could afford recycling bins and incentive materials on a limited budget. First, contact local businesses that are green minded and seek their support. By sponsoring your activity and awareness events, their company logo can be featured on the recycling containers. Contact your county solid waste district for grant opportunities or to see what resources they can provide. Remember, Target Marketing Group is here to help. In honor of America Recycles Day, we are offering a discount on the ClearStream ONE beverage container bin, which can be viewed at This item is the perfect solution for sponsorship opportunities. Target Marketing Group also operates the official America Recycles Day store and is giving you the chance to win FREE eco-merchandise for your event. Visit to sign-up and view our selection. Best wishes for a successful America Recycles Day celebration in your area!


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