Easy Tips for Water Conservation

This past summer has been the second hottest in recorded U.S. history, with an average temperature of 74.5 F. We haven’t been this hot since 1936 when the average temperature on record was 74.6 F.  This translates to wilted flowers, brown and crunchy yards, and higher energy costs to cool our homes.  While you might have been tempted to break out the sprinkler to recover some green in your lawn as you nursed your fading blooms with the garden hose, the eco-minded among us struggle with wasting water.  Over 30 percent of household water is used outdoors.

Consider this fact:  97.5% of the world’s water is saltwater.  If we placed all of this water in a bucket, only one teaspoon would be drinkable.  Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?  Water isn’t a commodity to be wasted.  Yet, we allow our faucets to run without restraint, and five minutes of a running faucet is equivalent to burning a 60-watt light bulb for 14 hours!

What can we do to conserve water?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • When brushing your teeth, cleaning vegetables, or shaving, shut the water off until you need it.
  • Keep your shower time under five minutes.
  • Use EnergyStar washing machines and dishwashers, and wait for full loads.
  • Install a low-flow toilet and save two gallons of water per flush.
  • Replace your shower head with the low-flow variety.
  • Plant flowers that are drought-tolerant, and only water them in the early morning or evening when there’s less chance for evaporation.

To educate your students and communities on this important issue, Target Marketing Group can provide you with the essential tools.  Contact us for information on these water conservationist products or visit our website at www.recycledpromos.com:


New strides have been made in the field of water conservation.  Aquaponics is a unique combination of aquaculture and hydroponics where fish and plants grow together in a soilless system.  Aquaponics produces safe, fresh, organic fish and vegetables and can be implemented in any controlled greenhouse environment anywhere in the world—including your own kitchen countertop!  Aquaponics uses less water and is 60% more energy efficient than traditional farming or hydroponics.  In fact, aquaponics produces ten times as much in half the time without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or waste byproducts.

Whatever your approach is to water conservation in your community, Target Marketing Group can help.  Contact us today!


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