Recyclebank – Making Back to School an Eco-friendly Event

Schools play a pivotal role in developing attitudes and mindsets of our youth towards the environment, which is why Target Marketing Group has been highlighting the “green” programs available to educational institutions. Recyclebank is another noteworthy organization that rewards schools with discounts and deals from local and national businesses to motivate the next generation to live greener by eliminating waste.

While many students are familiar with virtual reality games, it’s hard to imagine a virtual world where nothing is wasted. Yet, Recyclebank is aiming towards that exact target. By launching this year’s campaign entitled, Green Your School Year Challenge, Recyclebank encourages families to keep the environment in mind during the back-to-school season. The program is divided into three stages. During the back-to-school shopping stage, families are reminded of tips like buying eco-friendly school supplies and organic clothing, and donating used clothing to charitable organizations. The first day of school stage and the after school activities stage will allow students the opportunity to earn additional points through making pledges and participating in interactive quizzes.

The Recyclebank’s Green Your School Year Challenge ends September 30, so there’s no time to lose. By completing challenges and pledges and receiving referrals, participating schools not only earn redeemable points for merchandise, but they also vie for other lucrative prizes. Visit for contest rules and entering your school into the challenge.

Whether your school organizes a can or paper recycling program, a toner cartridge collection drive, a cell phone recycling effort, a litter pick-up program, or participates in a Recyclebank challenge, there are many creative opportunities available to challenge adults and students alike to make the world a greener place. The back-to-school season is the ideal time to initiate environmental programs in your local schools to make a lasting impact—not only on the world in which we live, but on the minds and developing habits of the next generation.

Contact Target Marketing Group for ideas on additional reward incentives via our comprehensive line of eco-friendly merchandise.  Welcome back to school, and remember to go green!



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