Financial Incentives for Students of Schools that Recycle

Move over Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s Soup Labels, and make room for the Dream Machine Recycle Rally in your school.  While the plethora of clip-and-save incentive programs and fundraisers go a long way in providing schools with playground equipment and other essentials, the Dream Machine Recycle Rally takes it a step further—it offers a lucrative reward system for schools while simultaneously helping our environment.

What is the Dream Machine Recycle Rally?   By participating in this program, grades K-12 earn points for every non-alcoholic beverage can or plastic bottle collected for recycling.  The bottles are redeemed for sporting goods, gift cards, educational events, music, books, and videos.  In addition, competing schools vie for over 75 amazing prizes, including a $50,000 Dream Green School Makeover.  To date, five million beverage bottles and cans have been collected from over 500 schools covering 30 states.  The goal of PepsiCo is to push the national beverage recycling rate to 50 percent by 2018.  Not only does this program encourage the next generation to get into the habit of recycling, but the savings to our natural resources is immense.  As an added benefit, this program also supports post 9/11 disabled U.S. veterans.

While many school districts continue to suffer from the blight of recession, it’s never been a better time to kick off the new school year with a new twist to the typical school recycling program.  The Dream Machine Recycle Rally provides the potential to earn much needed supplies and financial incentives—all while teaching students of all ages the importance of conservation.

If your school budget permits, consider subsidizing the Dream Machine Recycle Rally with recycled content promotional prizes for your top recycling students or classrooms.  Target Marketing Group offers useful products needed for every day student life.  Whether you select recycled USB flash drive holders, insulated lunch totes, business pad folders, folding tote bags, or caps, you reinforce the importance of not only recycling, but by closing the loop through buying recycled.  Students are amazed to see how their “trash” was transformed into unique and trendy products they are proud to own.  If your budget is tight, consider petitioning local businesses to sponsor the purchase of recycled content products with the promise to imprint their logo on the merchandise.

Times are tough, and not every school levy will pass when parents are losing jobs and have to feed their families on a shoestring.  Join the Dream Machine Recycle Rally and energize the environment with your contribution while earning the rewards your school needs to remain globally competitive.  Visit to sign up today!


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