Recycling Industry Represents Economic Development

With our country in an economic slump, we set our sights on industries that could spur economic development: technological, medical, automotive, industrial fields, respectively. If the question were posed to you, “Where does the scrap recycling industry fit in the design for economic recovery?” you most likely would itemize it near the bottom of the list of potential solutions. You would be wrong.

According to a recent, in-depth study by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc., it was discovered that the scrap recycling industry employs 459,131 people, generates $10.3 billion in governmental tax revenues, and will hit $90.6 billion in its collective activity nationwide during 2011.

Interestingly enough, the scrap recycling industry is comparative to the USA’s forestry and fishing industries combined, and its impact on the economy parallels the coal mining industry and comes close to rivaling the nation’s professional sports teams.

To view an interactive breakdown of the scrap recycling’s impact on the national state, legislative and congressional districts, copy and paste this link into your web browser:


Despite the economic success the recycling industry has achieved, it still struggles to shirk the stigma that recycling is only for tree huggers. Unless you a self-proclaimed hippy and proud of it, it’s clear that recycling isn’t just representative of conservation and environmental sustainability by a minority of flower children—it’s about job creation and big money that is spurring economic recovery.

How can you continue to stimulate this ever-growing industry? Participate in your local curbside or drop-off recycling program, and strive to purchase recycled-content products.

Target Marketing Group remains committed to changing the national perspective on recycling by promoting ecologically responsible advertising alternatives. Our promotional practices do more than spotlight your organization’s name—we strengthen a growing industry with vast potential for economic growth.


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