A Must Read if You’re Considering a Green Home Improvement Project

The sky might light up with red, white, and blue fireworks this Independence Day weekend, but since most will enjoy an extra day off work, why not throw a little “green” into the mix?  Target Marketing Group is excited to introduce a hot book that’s fresh on the market entitled, Best Green Home Projects:  25 Weatherization Projects for a Greener Home and Business by Brenda K. Cross.  This book is a must-have—not only for the environmentally conscious among us, but for anyone who would like to lower their utility bills 10%-30%!  Would you like to save some green by tackling simple projects, most of which cost less than $100?  Imagine 10%-30% less each month multiplied by the years you remain in your home!  When the book touts “best green home projects,” we have truly found them to be the best of the best.   If you’ve ever searched online for green home improvement projects, you’ve probably been astounded by the expensive fixes that are depicted or revolted by the hokey suggestions no one would ever attempt.  This book offers a common sense approach for economical projects that are do-able—even for the mechanically challenged among us!

Our home is burdened with a solarium.  A solarium might offer a beautiful view, but it’s an energy nightmare.  During the summer months, the solarium draws enough heat to make our family room an inferno and causes the air conditioning to run so often that the upstairs becomes frigid.  In the wintertime, our baseboard heaters must run constantly to prevent Eskimos from building igloos inside it.  Since it’s a carpeted play area for our daughter, we can’t shut it off from the rest of our house to solve the problem, and since a natural disaster hasn’t destroyed it for an insurance claim to finance an enclosed structure replacement, we heeded the book’s advice to apply window film to block UV rays and deflect some of the heat.  Unfortunately, we didn’t think we needed the squeegee kit or special applicator, and our film ended up being a wadded mess while tempers flared and expletives flew until we contacted a window tinting company.  Wow.  They were expensive.  Buy the squeegee kit and applicator and you’ll save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself!  After applying the window film, we noticed an immediate difference.  Our house simply wasn’t as hot, and the air conditioning didn’t run as often.  Voila!  Money saved! 

The best and most natural way to cool your house is to plant a tree.  Shade from a tree near the hottest part of your house can reduce utility bills by 15%-35%!  Needless to say, our biggest trees are planted closest to our solarium.  Since mid-summer is quickly approaching, many garden centers are trying to move out their remaining inventory with July 4th sales.  Take advantage of these great price cuts.  Plan time between cook-outs and festivities during your extended holiday weekend to purchase a tree and plant it with your family.  You’ll be expanding your “family tree” and saving money on your utility bills! 

Target Marketing Group is the premier leader in green promotions.  We simply don’t sell green unless it’s a product worth selling.  With today’s tough economy, everyone is looking to cut corners.  This book will show you how to do just that.  We’re convinced this book is the answer you need to save money—10%-30% on your utilities MONTHLY.  If you’re still not convinced, we want to offer you more free tips before you buy.  For more of the BEST free home weatherization tips, visit    http://www.cuturenergycosts.com     Start saving money today so you can get more BANG for your buck!


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