Simple Steps To A Green Summer

While Target Marketing Group encourages you to make every day Earth Day, we’d like to offer some helpful tips to make this summer your greenest summer yet!  If you’ve ever engaged in a personal fitness program for weight loss or better health, you know that some of the tiniest movements are the most strenuous because they work the muscles so effectively.  Going green functions the same way—the smallest eco-friendly practices collectively produce a greener, healthier planet.

Who Needs Air Conditioning?

Just because the red in the thermometer is inching upward doesn’t mean you need to click the air on already.  Save it for the excessively hot and humid dog days of summer!  In the meantime, open the window and enjoy a fresh breeze. Pull the blinds or drapes to block out some of the sun’s rays, or opt for a ceiling or floor fan that uses less energy in order to circulate the air in your home.

Forget the Bottled Water

According to Wikipedia, the leading online encyclopedia, the global rate of bottled water consumption has quadrupled between 1990 and 2005.  Approximately 200 billion bottles are consumed annually on a global basis.  If you stacked the water bottles end to end that New York uses alone, they would reach the moon!  Since it takes 15 million gallons of oil to create the plastic for water bottles distributed in the United States, bottling water strains our non-renewable energy supply.  Studies have shown that bottled water is contaminated more often than you might think, and since it doesn’t contain the fluoride that tap water does, prolonged reliance on it can promote tooth decay.  If you don’t like the taste of your tap water, consider purchasing a water filter—it will be cheaper than buying water, and you’ll be helping the environment.

Have a Garage Sale

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  Clear out the clutter from your

home—you’ll make money AND conserve landfill space.  If you don’t have time

to mark items to sell, donate your unwanted items that still have life in them toa local charity.  Get your kids involved by encouraging them to root out forgotten toys to give to less fortunate children who would be overjoyed to play with them.  Kids love garage sales too, and when they learn how the money they generate can be applied to their savings account, a special activity, or a new toy, they will be motivated to part more readily with clutter in the future.

Bike or Walk to Fun Destinations

Since obesity is a growing problem (no pun intended) among adults and children alike, take advantage of warmer weather to bike or walk to your local destinations.  If you live in an urban area, parks and other recreational sites are often within walking or biking distance.  If rural life places you too far geographically from a desired destination, explore your locale—hike in nearby woods, walk to a pond or fishing hole, pedal your scenic roads, or canoe or kayak the closest lake or river.  You’ll be reducing air pollution and doing something healthy for your body.


Patronize Local Fruit Stands

When produce is trucked across country, it not only creates more air pollution and uses gas and oil, but chemicals are used to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for your consumption.  Patronizing a roadside stand or farmers’ market is more eco-friendly, and the foods are healthier (maybe even organic) and definitely more succulent.  Just imagine that luscious strawberry, those soft and sweet-smelling peaches, the mouth-watering ears of corn, and tomatoes that taste like actual tomatoes!

Unplug Electronics When You’re on Vacation or Outdoors

Phantom power is energy that your home consumes just by having electronics and gadgets plugged in, even though they are switched off and are not being used.  Phantom power is thought to comprise nearly 10 percent of your overall electrical use each month.  While it’s undoubtedly inconvenient to wade through a web of wires to reach obscured outlets, think of the cost savings each month on your electric bill as well as the impact you’re making on the environment.  Since families spend a large portion of time outdoors and on vacation during summer months, remember to unplug the TV, computer, chargers, microwave, and other appliances when you’re going to be out and about.

Your Actions Count

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and our ailing planet isn’t going to recover overnight.  However, when individuals contribute, even in small ways noted above, we gain ground and come much closer to reaching our environmental goals to make a global impact.  Enjoy your summer, and keep thinking green!


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