Green-Minded Practices For The Glory Days Of Summer

After a tumultuous spring around the country, everyone is eager for a summer ripe with the amenities of sun, pools, picnics, vacations, and outdoor fun.   With the increase of mobility under the canopy of a blue sky comes the unfortunate addition of litter.  You’ve seen it—the water bottle lying in the weeds along the walking path of the wooded park; the fast food wrapper discarded under the picnic table; the abandoned beer cans from racy teens hiding their cavorting from unsuspecting parents.  The glory days of summer are far too short, but everyone can pitch in to keep the longer days as green as possible!

What green-minded practices can you implement over the summer?  Try these suggestions:

  • For special picnics with the family, remember to pack reusable plates, flatware, and drink cups rather than the disposable alternatives.  Yes, it’s much easier to toss the dinnerware than haul it home to load in the dishwasher, but making the green choice collectively makes for a healthier planet.
  • Take a litter bag with you on outdoor excursions to pick up items discarded by litterbugs.  Let’s face it, we’ll never convince everyone to act responsibly.  Statistics prove that when people see a littered area, they feel that it’s “okay” to litter there as well.  Cleaning up someone else’s mess will discourage additional violations.  Once your hike is at an end, find the nearest trash bin to deposit your litterbag and pat yourself on the back for your display of good stewardship!
  • If you are a smoker, remember those cigarette butts belong in an ash receptacle—not on the ground.  Cigarette butts are one of the most littered items on our roadways, and they are unsightly! 
  • Bike or walk in lieu of driving when you can.  This will help prevent harmful emissions, especially in metro areas where air quality is more negatively affected on hotter days.

If you are part of a club, business, or organization that would like to initiate more proactive strides against littering, consider purchasing the ClearStream One Recycling Container for public areas in your community.  These specialized bins take the guesswork out of recycling.  Aluminum cans and plastic bottles are source-separated, which is easily discernable since the bins and bags inside are clear and each slot is labeled.   One four-color sponsorship sign accompanies each bin to advertise your name and contact information.  The ClearStream One Recycling Container is also the perfect choice for special events, such as outdoor concerts, festivals, and fairs.  The cash received from the collected bottles and cans may be used to offset the initial cost of the bins or may be donated to a charitable cause.  Either way, you’ll be significantly contributing towards environmental sustainability by establishing an easy system for others to make right choices.  

 For more information on the ClearStream One Recycling Container or to place an order, contact Target Marketing Group by calling 1-800-211-5850 ext. 702 or by e-mailing


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