RecycleMania Competition

When a platform for environmentalism was being erected in the 70’s, society associated it with radical flower children whom they promptly labeled “tree huggers” and “bunny kissers.” Despite bearing the negative connotation, the grassroots movement for conservation and sustainability gained momentum. Today, green thinking is no longer linked with “hippies,” but with concerned citizens, organizations, businesses, and government heads—anyone who realizes quality life on planet earth requires collaborative action.

The depression era taught the older generation to reduce, reuse, and recycle before the 3 R’s were even part of our vernacular. TV’s Nick Jr. educates young audiences on earth-friendly practices through programs such as Ni Hao Kai-lan, Yo Gabba Gabba!, and Bubble Guppies—along with Nick Jr.’s cartoon host, eco-ranger Moose A. Moose. And, thanks to RecycleMania’s efforts, colleges and universities are reaching the great minds of our future.

What is RecycleMania? It’s a friendly competition between colleges and universities to see who can do the most recycling and waste reduction over a 10-week period. Students who might not normally practice recycling or be familiar with green thinking enjoy participating in an event to trump their rivals. After becoming familiarized with the environmental programs available on campus, it’s the hope of RecycleMania that more students will participate in waste reduction efforts and make green thinking part of their lifestyles. To learn more about RecycleMania or to get involved, visit their website at

Resource Recycling newsletter just announced the results of the 11th annual RecycleMania competition. A total of 91 million pounds of recyclables and organic materials were recovered from 630 institutions of higher education—an increase from 84.5 million pounds in 2010. To read more detailed results, you may view the article at The results are impressive, but more can always be done. Young people have the opportunity to build on the groundwork that was laid nearly 40 years ago and make even greater gains. Whether we reach their alert minds through Moose A. Moose, RecycleMania, or another effective means, it’s vital to engage, educate, and heighten their awareness of environmental issues—their choices will create ripple effects that extend for generations. You can do your part to make an impact—without hugging a tree


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