Happy Mother’s Day To Mothers For Mother Earth (M4ME)

This weekend, we celebrate Mother’s Day (you remembered, right?).  Here is some trivia for you.  Did you know there are 82.5 million mothers in the USA and that 96% of Americans acknowledge this holiday in some fashion?  Mother’s Day also boasts the highest number of long distance phone calls placed, it’s the busiest day of the year for restaurants, and it’s second only to Christmas for gift giving.  Wow.  It goes without saying that we reverence moms in our society for the impact they’ve made on our lives.

What do you remember most about your mom?  Maybe it was the hours she spent counseling and encouraging you when life was tough.  Maybe it was the pies she made or the savory meals she served each night at dinner.  You might remember her character the most as you recall the times she demonstrated courage, patience, kindness, or faith.  Your mom’s hard work ethic perhaps molded you into the employee you are today. Whether your mom is sweet and gentle, fiery and bold, or somewhere in between, her kiss has power to heal boo-boos, her arms exude strength to push you in the right direction, her hands extol comfort and wipe away tears, her lips are a gate to laughter and wisdom, and her heart is full of unconditional love to promote self-confidence in her children.

Armed with the revelation of a mom’s profound influence, Dana Weber Jones founded Mother’s for Mother Earth, Inc. (M4ME).  It’s a non-profit organization that mobilizes Mothers and others around the world to work collaboratively to educate, implement, develop and support environmental programs that help keep our planet clean and green!  Their mantra is to inspire collective personal responsibility.  Dana’s vision extends beyond encouraging our own children and families to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  She is on a mission to expand our realm of influence by uniting mothers to birth positive social, environmental, and economic change.  To learn more about M4ME, to volunteer, or to donate towards this worthy cause that affects us all, visit their website at www.M4ME.org

Even if you didn’t have the perfect mother or aren’t a mom yourself, you still can make a big difference in the world by nurturing, protecting, and keeping your community and neighborhood clean and green through programs like M4ME.  Get on board and flex your “mom muscles” today—you, too, can be a world changer!


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