We Want To Hear About Your Earth Day

     More than a week has passed since Earth Day 2011. We hope the torrential rain and flooding that parts of the country have experienced (for those dry states, we’ll happily send some water your way) did little to hamper your Earth Day celebrations. We would love to hear your success stories! We invite you to share your events, activities, and statistics on our Facebook page so your peers can stay in touch with the environmental awareness progress across the nation. To post your information or read up what others are reporting, visit http://www.facebook.com/RecycledPromos

     After Easter, the baskets and eggs are squirreled away until the next year. When Memorial Day and July 4 pass, the extra flags are boxed. The pumpkins, bats, and black cats dot October briefly before being replaced by pilgrims and cornucopia. Christmas delights with a symphony of lights, smells, and garlands, but if you leave your tree up year round, you might be considered an eccentric. Earth Day is the only holiday we can celebrate daily without drawing quizzical looks or appearing strange and embarrassingly misdated. Let’s keep the momentum strong by redoubling our efforts to impact our communities.

     In the April 21, 2011 Plastic Recycling newsletter, it was reported that a study by the National Association of PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) found that 31 percent of PET water bottles were recycled this past year, relatively unchanged from 30.9 percent the previous year. To view the article, visit http://resource-recycling.com/node/1159. While it’s encouraging to note such a significant increase from 16.62 percent in 2004, we can’t be satisfied to plateau. That’s why we need to continue blazing the trail with activities and campaigns that educate and motivate our friends, neighbors, corporations, and local schools.

     If your 2011 Earth Day events didn’t meet your expectations, don’t give up! If you experienced your best year yet, post your information on our Facebook page so others can share in your achievement and learn from your methods. While Earth Day may be over for another year, stay inspired to reach your part of the world with green messages that encourage environmental responsibility. You ARE making a difference!


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