Get Involved: International Compost Awareness Week! May 1-7 2011

Did you know International Compost Awareness Week is only TWO weeks away!  What is your school or organization doing to recognize this great week designed to increase awareness of the positive impact we can have by composting?  Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Get your school some Composting For Kids Coloring Books and take time in one of the days to get polaroid pictures, or digital picture printouts, of all the kids. Then paste the kids pictures into the coloring book, so the children can color in page after page of themselves composting. How fun?!?
  2. Printout the free downloadable version and have the kids take HOME the information to encourage their families to get involved.
  3. It may be too late for International Compost Awareness Week, but you’re still in time for Earth Day: Get some sponsorship from other local businesses, garden centers, etc… to label your organization and their organization and distribute these coloring books at their places of business and throughout your organization.  Bringing the coloring books home will show their families how much you all care about making a difference in creating a more sustainable lifestyle.


We could come up with more ideas (all surrounding our coloring book, of course), but we’ll save them for earth day 🙂

Learn more about International Compost Awareness Week here:

International Compost Awareness Week focuses on broadening the understanding of compost use and promote awareness of composting. Globally, we show that innovative programs and successful efforts have improved community sustainability and promote the use of renewable resources in landscaping, horticulture and agriculture. Together, we put a face to composting. Compost Awareness Week is a fun and educational week of events that offers an opportunity to learn more about the many benefits of composting while enjoying the backdrop of fun activities. To find out what’s going on in your area and for a list of resources to plan your event visit


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