Starting A Community Garden At Your School

 What is a community garden and what’s the big deal?

The ACGA (American Community Garden Association) defines a community garden as a piece of land that’s gardened by a group of people. It could be a school, a neighborhood, an apartment building, a co-op, urban area, suburban area, etc…

So what’s the big deal?

Community gardens are sprouting up nationwide because of the positive effects on the community, developing urban areas, the  health impacts of eating more nutritious and less processed foods, the mental health aspects of teaching our kids how to grow things and be more self-reliant, the  conservation of the earth’s resources… the benefits are endless.  Many nonprofit “urban greening” or community gardening projects are also devoted to both restoring unused land and providing environmental education for the people who live there.

In Philadelphia alone, you can find over 400 community gardens. According to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society “besides being attractive, these serene spaces promote health and nutrition, improve local economies, and allow neighbors to come together for a common interest.”

Organizations like Urban Sprouts in California have taken the benefits of community gardens to another level by using garden-based education to develop our children and give them the life skills that come from their sense of community and accomplishments in the garden.
With spring coming up, what steps should you take to get your school or youth organization involved in creating a composting program and/or a community garden? There are a number of resources  Rebel Tomato of ACGA  and a number of great articles at Planet Green like: How to get a compost program started in your school. 

Once you have put your plan in motion, RecycledPromos “Picture Me Composting” coloring book is a great way to get younger kids in your schools and youth organizations excited when you kick off your community gardening and composting program!

Picture Me® “Composting” coloring book. This book features an insert area to place a child’s photo so they see themselves composting. Book teaches how to compost to conserve the Earth’s resources. Coloring book is activity based to color and learn composting methods. Printed with Ecosmart inks on paper containing 20% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Size:  6″ x 6″

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