Get Your Spring Green Campaigns Organized Now


—Thinking about how your ecofriendly organization will kick off a green Spring & Summer? Target Marketing Group offers a comprehensive line of green products that will help your community become more environmentally conscious throughout the entire year too—not just when Mother Nature splashes the earth’s palette with the most colorful seasons.

To get started, encourage your community to participate in a spring or summer clean-up event in your area. Consider collaborating with Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Clean-Up campaign—you can find a local affiliate by visiting Be sure to express your appreciation to volunteers by awarding them with quality green products that will also remind them to stay green-minded after the clean-up is over.
Ideal green product giveaways include our eco-gloves, tote bags, T-shirts, lunch bags, drink bottles, or beverage coolers—just a few samples from our extensive line of the most popular green products on the market.

Our green products line also includes a host of floral seeded products, a perfect choice for your beautification event. Our floral green products selections are comprised of door hangers, gift cards, seed cards, bookmarks, coasters, and gift bags. Each item is made of 100% recycled cotton scraps. The paper dissolves into the soil as the flowers grow and can be planted year round indoors. The flower seeds will sprout in a week or less and produce beautiful blooms in no time!

Speaking of flowers, did you know that Lady Bird Johnson was responsible for having wildflowers planted along the Interstate? In fact, the Beautification Act of 1965 was dubbed Lady Bird’s Bill because she was such a staunch advocate for preserving the beauty of our land. The bill controlled outdoor advertising, screened or removed junkyards along the Interstate, encouraged scenic enhancement and roadside development for 306,000 miles of our nation’s roadways. During her lifetime, Lady Bird campaigned against litter and strongly supported the Keep America Beautiful organization. She felt Washington D.C. should serve as a model of our nation’s beautification philosophy, and so she planted many of the flowers, bushes, and trees that can still be enjoyed today.

To get started with beautification events in your area, contact Target Marketing Group today and order the green products you’ll need to promote your activity and achieve the success you deserve.

Click our link for more information about green products.


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