Recycling E-Waste



When people receive makeovers at salons or spas, we don’t classify them as “recycled products” even though they might look like different people after a professional works his or her styling magic. At Target Marketing Group, however, the recycled products we offer do qualify for that title after their original make-up is transformed into something entirely new.

We live in a high-tech society, and our waste stream is becoming increasingly filled with e-waste. E-waste is comprised of computers, TV’s, mobile phones, fax machines, copiers, and similar electronics that have reached the end of their life cycles. Since electronics contain harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, and other toxic chemicals, it’s imperative that we dispose of them properly, refurbish them, or convert them to new recycled products.

E-waste that has received new life as innovative recycled products include our line of recycled circuit boards. Choose from mouse pads, bookmarks, luggage tags, coasters, magnets and key rings. These recycled products are light in weight, yet very strong and durable because they are made of fiberglass.

Since each circuit board is unique, no two recycled products are exactly alike.
Floppy disks are a blast from the past, but that doesn’t mean they are taking up valuable landfill space. Vintage 3.5” floppy disks from the 80’s and 90’s have teamed up with recycled paper to become handmade journals. Each journal is a bit of history and can also be ordered as an address book.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s 2008 report, 80-85% of e-waste is still pouring into nation landfills. That means we need to be more proactive about becoming greener. Support this industry by purchasing recycled products derived of e-waste to encourage manufacturers to rescue more electronic related materials from the waste stream to give them a makeover into useful recycled products with a practical application. Remember to check with your local solid waste management district as well to learn when the next electronics recycling drive will be conducted in your area.


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