Keep America Beautiful Conference 2010

Last month marked the 10th year of support for the Keep America Beautiful conference by Recycled Promos as an exhibitor.  We always look forward to attending these conferences, connecting with other exhibitors of green products, meeting new executives from community improvement organizations, and learning about the latest ecofriendly initiatives going on globally.  This year’s conference was no exception.  As a matter of fact, I dare say these conferences have gotten better and better with every year we have attended. 

Not only did we get to enjoy the conference’s wonderfully organized and insightful agenda that spanned from December 8th through December 10th, we also met a number of new exhibitors providing recycled, recyclable, organic, biodegradable and other green solutions for organizations like mine and yours.  It’s meeting these companies, and potential suppliers, at national conferences throughout the year, that gives us the advantage when it comes to helping our clients – socially responsible organizations looking for ecofriendly marketing solutions

      One of the most impressive recycling initiatives covered in the agenda was the presentation of Howard University students chosen to participate in the 2010 Material Resources Sustainability Internship (MRSI) during which they took on roles as “recycling coaches” and worked in local District of Columbia public schools to help organize a “Green Team”. The experience is probably best described by one of the interns herself, Illai Kenney, in this article:

Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming conferences related to environmentally friendly initiatives, updating you on our favorite exhibitors and presentations and staying connected with our joint efforts to have a positive impact and a green planet.


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