Exciting Developments In EcoFriendly Products Industry

Most of you know, after marketing promotional products for over 30 years, we created Target Marketing Group (TMG) in 2007 to fill a void for environmentally friendly organizations like businesses, schools and non-profits

Excited About Making You Green

 to use ecofriendly promotional items and marketing materials.  After assisting green companies and organizations with their marketing needs for over 3 years, we are more excited than ever!


#1) The past few conferences we’ve attended have been full of new developments in the green promotional items industry and we can’t wait to share them with you.

#2) This year we will be unveiling a completely unique product that is totally exclusive to TMG. You’ve never seen this before. The content is fabulous.  The audience will eat this product up (but not literally).  And the message is all green!  Those are all the hints we can give for now.

#3) In all our travels we learn amazing things and have been inadvertently keeping them to ourselves.  Well, not anymore! We’ll be blogging, communicating on our Facebook Page, Tweeting (yes – tweeting) and we want to be connected on LinkedIn. Man, when we do something, we go ALL OUT! 

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So as we make our very first blog post that will stream through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the excitement can not be contained.  The cutting edge developments in the green promotional marketing industry we want to share with you, the totally exclusive upcoming TMG product to unveil, and the social media tools to do it all!!!!

Stay tuned.  Looking forward to updating you soon.


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